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  1. Seema
    May 1, 2017 @ 11:08 pm

    Sabah b , this was a fabulous post and i adored the evening picture at the beginning. I recently read a couple of books , one that described urges to overeat as ' neurological junk' ... i.e. Ignore this thought its rubbish ... Of course u dont WANT to eat. The other book was about living in the present and treating your thoughts about the past and future as clouds not to be acted upon. All that matters is the here and now the present as that is the only point at which u can access free will. The part in your post that really resonated with me is the bit about the nafs being obsessed about the past and future. This really made sense ... It is the self indulgence of the nafs and its negative thinking that hinders the success of an individual. I will be practising mindfulness and j have already spent a couple of days focusing on the present alone. It has been immensely rewarding spiritually and emotionally . Once again. A fab post sabah b